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The first 55 of 1111 has been reached, keep it going by your kindness expressed. Love it forward!

What if you could make an impact on our world, right now?

What if your act of kindness, helped shift the life and thus the trajectory of someone's life?

Light Warriors, Inc, is a  simple way to create, share, and expand love around our world.

The concept is simple, yet powerful: buy a LW inspirational shirt for you and one or more, to gift.  The ability to gift a shirt to someone you love, someone in need, or someone that you want to touch via your gift of loving it forward is a beautiful expression of your heart's desire to love and how we can shift the frequency of our planet. Then every time you wear that shirt you will notice you feel better and you’ll notice people smiling, commenting, and asking about your shirt!  One by one, each shirt, each gift, will impact the world in a way that only Love can understand. Then together we collectively create impact and change in our world, one Light Warrior at a time by continuing the cycle and loving it forward.

See your Love Forward in action

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Light Warriors, Inc.


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Welcome to Light Warrior’s Inc. an organization to Spread Bold Love to the world right now in this moment. We ask our selves, how can I make a difference, how can I create impact in the world when I am just one person?

This is how….the gift of giving, our benevolence ignited. I am excited to share in a movement for Humanity.

In a time when there is so much chaos, fear and density in the frequency affecting our world, we need a different voice, a different conversation. The voice of our true Human Essence, our purity of Spirit and our Sovereignty.

Light Warriors, Inc. was created from an inspired vision to spread a wave of love over our planet, in an effort to wake humanity up and remind us who we really are. Our true Human Essence is to love, to be kind, but we have forgotten.


There is so much fear and diversity consistently being infiltrated and it's to the point that we can’t see straight anymore. We have moved away from our core and gotten caught up in the noise that seduces our pain to speak and we are confused and lost and we feel helpless to change it. LW, Inc is a gateway to spread bold love around our planet to help us wake up to our truth, the voice that is knocking on your heart, your inner knowing and connection to Spirit, God, Universe, whatever you believe.

Why “bold” love, because we MUST be bold with our conviction to affect change. Bold enough to take a stand for our Sovereignty and our connection and unification of each other and trust that we can shift humanity forever!

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Thank you for contacting us, please know we will never share your information. You are part of our Tribe and we will protect that.

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