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  • 1. Can I order more than one item?
    a. Yes, you can order as many is your want to Love forward. You can also add multiple address per shirt.
  • 2. How will the count be added?
    a. Through the scanning of the bar code you add to the number that will reach up to 1111 people and then the cycle starts over for the next round of 1111 people.
  • 3. Will I be able to connect with other people that will purchase an item?
    a. Yes as you will be invited to join our private group on Facebook, where we will build the Global community of Light Warriors that are all participating in this movement.
  • 4. How will I know when we have reached 1111 people?
    a. You will receive a celebratory notification indicating that we have reached the cycle of 1111 people and it will invite you to participate in the celebration in the Global community online and we encourage the next cycle to get going. Make sure you accept notifications in the Facebook group and also the text message notification so that you are alerted when your gift has been loved forward.
  • 5. How will we know when the Global ceremony will be?
    a. We will consistently be in conversation in the Global community FB page to ensure that you are being updated as we get closer.
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